Saturday, 3 November 2012

Real Estate Investment Advantages

Investing in real estate is advantageous and a lot less risky than investing in the stock market. But it is also guided by the market force so you need to invest wisely. Here is a list of advantages as to why you should invest in Brampton Real Estate .

Low Risk Factor

Brampton real estate

Like every other investment, real estate also possess some risk of losing your investment, but the risk is a lot less than investing in other assets. The main reasons to it being less risky are the different factors like location, market behavior, population, interest rate, inflation and other socio economic factors.
For example a place with lots of resources close by and low mortgage rates would be a safer deal to invest in.

Less Capital for Starting

You don’t require a huge amount initially for buying a property. For example if you are purchasing a Toronto luxury homes , you can pay some initial amount and the rest of the amount can be paid partly or financed through banks that would hold the property as security.

So, you would don’t have to pay the whole purchase amount at one go but it can be paid according to your convenience.

Toronto luxury homes

Tax exemptions

Tax exemptions available on real estate property are much more than investing in any other asset. You can get several tax exemptions on the principal and investment income. With real estate investment you don’t lose out money in your bank in the form of inflation and high taxes.

Real Estate Appreciation

In centrally located and high demand areas the appreciation of your investment can go up to 25% in a year. This is just an average figure, if you have invested in the right property at a great location the appreciation can go even higher than this.


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